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Comic 1 (Eventual Beginnings) extras

This comic is a looong time coming.  I started drawing and writing the comic over ten years ago, but I only gave myself time and was able to figure out all of the website creation stuff now.  The road to figuring out the website details was filled with its own minor hiccups and headaches.  Especially trying to figure out how to make the comic show up big enough and without errors like this one below.

Well, the first comic was posted nine years ago, but it was the first draft version which was on lined paper and had a few errors that I could fix now that I have an actual tablet.  In fact, here’s that first version itself!

I switched a few minor details, most noticeably the road disappearing because it didn’t make sense for Rupert to cross the street and then back again during his walk.  Now that woman in the background is just biking through the grass which is … uhh, much more realistic?  For some reason in either version I just couldn’t get his head to look right in that first panel.

I feel much more experienced drawing with pen and paper since that’s how I drew comics way back when I was seven or so, which means it’ll take a bit to get used to using a tablet, but it will also offer a lot more opportunities to fix mistakes and goof around!  I shared some of my initial drawings of the comic with someone and she said it will look better once I put some backgrounds in, so I drew this.

It, uhh, didn’t make it into the final cut.  She said it totally fits in, and I agree, but for now Rupert’s town is monkey-with-a-relatively-tiny-top-hat-on-a-building-without-a-bottom-free.

Comic blog

I live a pretty goofy life, and I’m sure a lot of that shines through into the comic.  While I was in the process of drawing this first comic I had an interesting happening while ordering food.  I wanted some fried chicken and decided to call and order some.  I’m a pretty skinny guy with a high metabolism, so this was my thought process while looking at the buckets of chicken available.  “Junior?  Ha, I’m no kid anymore.   Regular?  Maybe if I wasn’t so hungry.  Jumbo?  Now that might last a while!”  So I ordered away and waited for the food to arrive, hoping I wouldn’t starve.

The food finally arrived, and I hopped downstairs to get my little bucket of chicken … except it wasn’t so little.  One of Hagrid’s relatives showed up holding this huge bag in both of his arms.  Was this mine?  It had the right logo on the side, and I could certainly smell the chicken inside, but I just ordered one bucket, right?  I couldn’t have been so hungry that I said four!  The half giant gave me the receipt to sign and it was $43!  Did they mix up my order with someone else’s?  I signed the thing anyway and took the food inside.

Sure enough, when I opened it up there was my food.  There were a few bags of sides on one little wall of the bag, and then one HUGE bucket of chicken.  I checked online and it turns out the jumbo bucket of chicken is 16 pieces.  Plus a bag of rolls.  And two bags of fries.  And a sizeable bucket of coleslaw.  If I had a scale I would have weighed it, but the real measure is that I spent the next 6 days eating nothing but chicken, aside from a giant sub and burrito in the last couple of days to switch it up.  After that I never wanted chicken again.  Until two days later when I got some chicken from a Chinese place.